Storytime: Elephants


“Elephants on Board” by Susa MacDonald
“I Dream of an Elephant” by Ami Rubinger (flannel board)
“Tweak Tweak” by Eve Bunting

I Dream of An Elephant by Ami Rubinger

Upon a Spider’s Web

One little elephant went out to play,
Upon a spider’s web one day.
He had such enormous fun,
that he called for another little elephant.

(count up)

Five little elephants went out to play,
Upon a spider’s web one day.
The web went creak, the web went crack,
And five little elephants came running back!

What a Nose

An elephant stomps like this and that (stomp feet)
He’s terribly big (hands up)
And he’s terribly fat (hands out wide)
He has big ears (hands by ears)
And he has big toes (touch toes)
And goodness gracious, what a nose! (make elephant trunk)

Five Elephants in the Bathtub

One elephant in the bathtub
Going for a swim (swimming motion)
Knock, knock (clap twice)
Splash, splash (slap knees twice)
Come on in (motion come in)

(count up)

Five elephants in the bathtub
Going for a swim
Knock, knock
Splash, splash
They all fall in (raise arms)

Source: Jbrary

Elephant Walk

Right foot, left foot, see me go (stomp feet)
I am gray and big and slow (hold hands out wide)
I come walking down the street (stomp feet)
With my trunk and four big feet (make trunk)

Source: Jen in the Library

How it Went: Not as well as I hoped. I personally loved all of the books and songs but they didn’t go over as well as I thought they would. Maybe it was because they were on the younger end? Even though it didn’t go over amazingly well I do plan on doing this story time again.


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