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Fancy Nancy Soiree


Fancy Nancy is turning 10 years old and in honor of this we held a Fancy Nancy Birthday Soiree. The invitation instructed the children to arrive in their fanciest attire, we had many princesses and even two angry birds! We started off by teaching the children some fancy french words, such as bonjour, oui, non, merci and s’il vous plait. Next we taught them fancy etiquette, complete with pinkies up, bows and curtseys.

We put our new fancy knowledge to the test by singing If You’re Fancy and you Know It!

If You’re Fancy and You Know It

If you’re fancy and you know it clap your hands
If you’re fancy and you know it clap your hands
If you’re fancy and you know it and you really wanna show it
If you’re fancy and you know it clap your hands

(repeat with curtsy & bow, stomp your feet, shout I am)

Tiara & Crown Craft

Next we made fancy tiaras and crowns. We had feathers (plumes), sequins and jewels to decorate with! The kids got really into this craft, some even spelled out their names with the jewels. To make the tiaras we used glittery visors and for the crowns we had shiny silver paper. Some of the boys went with tiaras and some of the girls with crowns, I was pleasantly surprised by this!

My poor tiara… it lost some gems during all the fun and games!

While the kids finished up and a staff member removed the tables for the craft we played a game of Nancy Says (aka Simon Says). The children had a lot of fun playing and it kept them distracted.

Once the craft materials were removed my co-worker read “Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes.”

This book was a nice introduction to our next activity…

Cupcake Decorating

We had lots of frosting and sprinkles for the kids to use to decorate their cupcakes, luckily for us we were almost out of time and parents started to arrive. The parents were able to help the kids decorate (and even eat) their cupcake. And of course before we enjoyed our delectable cupcakes we had to sing Happy Birthday to Fancy Nancy!

I’ll admit we didn’t plan this program very well. My coworker had bronchitis and I was in Mexico (and didn’t want to come back) for a week. That left us frantically planning and preparing the day of. While we weren’t very organizedĀ  we made it work and the kids loved it! We had the program at 4:15 and didn’t even think about the fact that cupcakes were ruining some dinners (oops) but overall the parents didn’t seem to mind. I wish I had more pictures but we were so busy during the program that I didn’t have time to take any!


Fancy Nancy World

Harper Collins

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