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St. Patrick’s Day Activities

I like to have activities available all day for Holidays, it helps get the children in the spirit! For St. Patrick’s Day I found a lot of great printables (all the links are provided) which made planning the activities very easy.

Shamrock Stamp Art

My coworker found this idea and I’m not positive where it originated from. We had children wrap a rubber band around 3 or 4 wine corks (save your own, buy a bag online or ask a local restaurant if they have any), dip it into green paint and stamp on card-stock. This easy craft was a lot of fun! Children (and some adults) made cards and bookmarks.

Four Leaf Clover Hunt

Three leaf and four leaf clovers were hid in between books, children had to go through and find all of the four leaf clovers. They really enjoyed finding them and then hiding them for their friends. All I did was printed out pictures of four and three leaf clovers, laminated them and cut them out.

Why Are You Lucky?

IMG_7263I found this idea at Peppy Zesty Teacherista. I printed the document on green paper, cut them into square and put them out. Both adults and children wrote why they were lucky. As you can see Liam felt lucky because he found a four leaf clover while playing the game! When they were done writing why they were lucky I put them on the wall in the Children’s Room.

St. Patrick’s Day Play-Doh

Who doesn’t love Play-Doh?? I don’t think you can ever be too old to play with it (that was proven by the teens who joined in). I found this awesome mats at Totschooling. All I did was print them and laminate them so the Play-Doh didn’t stick.

How easy was this?? I have to say this was one of the easiest Holiday parties I have ever thrown all thanks to the wonderful internet! Parents with younger children were thrilled to have some new activities for them to do (thanks Play-Doh!) and the tweens were happy to have something to do other than wait to get on a computer (which is what they typically do everyday). I will definitely be using some of these activities again next year.



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