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Book Review: If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“If There’s No Tomorrow” by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Description: “Lena Wise is always looking forward to tomorrow, especially at the start of her senior year. She’s ready to pack in as much friend time as possible, to finish college applications and to maybe let her childhood best friend Sebastian know how she really feels about him. For Lena, the upcoming year is going to be epic—one of opportunities and chances.

Until one choice, one moment, destroys everything.

Now Lena isn’t looking forward to tomorrow. Not when friend time may never be the same. Not when college applications feel all but impossible. Not when Sebastian might never forgive her for what happened.

For what she let happen.

With the guilt growing each day, Lena knows that her only hope is to move on. But how can she move on when her and her friends’ entire existences have been redefined? How can she move on when tomorrow isn’t even guaranteed?”

*WARNING* – Review contains spoilers

Review: I’m a big fan of Jennifer Armentrout, I really enjoy her paranormal/fantasy stories. This is the first contemporary YA novel I have read by her. Since the book is basically broken up into before and after I thought I’d break my review up into the good and bad.

The Good

  • The set up – I really enjoyed how the tragedy was set up. You meet Lena, her friends and the boy next door. You can’t help but connect with Lena and hope that Sebastian confesses his love for her. The car accident took me a little by surprise (even though I knew something was going to happen) and I may or may not have shed a few tears. I was just getting interested in these funny, complex characters and now some were taken away.
  • Lena’s emotions – I have never been in that situation but I felt like her emotions were raw and accurate. She goes through a mix of denial, hopelessness, guilt and semi-acceptance. I liked how complex her feelings and emotions were and how she worked through them.

The Bad

  • The subject matter isn’t original – There’s nothing revolutionary about the story line, there are several well written YA books revolved around drunk driving and the aftermath of tragic car accidents. I wish this story stood out more.
  • Overly cheesy – Don’t get me wrong, I love a good love story but I felt at times that the cheese factor was high. I wish the romantic aspect was as realistic as the car accident and Lena’s emotions dealing with it.

Even though this wasn’t my favorite book I’d still recommend it, especially to YA book lovers who enjoy contemporary realistic fiction.

*please note that I received an advanced copy of the book from NetGalley

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