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Superhero Training Course

Who doesn’t want to become a superhero?? This training course was simple to prep and really fun for the kids. The attendance we receive was over double of what I expected (thank goodness for awesome staff who can cut out masks quickly)! If you have never done a superhero training course I highly recommend you do. Our program was aimed at children 8 and under but can be modified to meet other age groups.

To become a superhero children had to complete the stations in order, I gave each parent a checklist and pencil to keep track. Once children completed all of the stations they received a superhero certificate!

Station checklist

Station 1: Make a Mask

We made each mask out of cardstock to ensure that it would hold up while the children completed the training course. The template we used came from Clip Art Best.

Station 2: Make Arm Cuffs

First we painted toilet paper rolls, next we cut a line down them and curved the edges to give it a superhero touch! We put out stickers, puff balls and foam stickers for children to decorate the cuffs with.

Station 3: Superhero Name

Every superhero needs a special name! Children used the name generator or came up with their own and put it on a name tag. My favorite name was “Captain America Batman.” I found this Name Generator image online but do not have a source for it.


Station 4: Spider Crawl

For the spider crawl I put out a tunnel in the stacks. While this was a fun activity for the younger crowd I did have a few 10 year olds who were unable to go through it.

Station 5: Knock over the Villains

We used some plastic bottles who had laying around (cans would work as well) and taped pictures of different villains onto them. Children then used bean bags to knock over the bottles This was by far the favorite activity!

Station 6: Leaps & Bounds

Another very simple activity that was a crowd pleaser! We printed out pictures of real buildings, laminated them and then taped them to book ends. There was a lot of creative jumping.


After completing the training course each superhero received a certificate with their superhero name on it! The Burke Family’s Blog is the source of the certificate.


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