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DIY Book Page Pumpkin

I love decorating for the seasons and Holidays, I especially love finding ways to decorate with books! My latest project was creating a book page pumpkin. I found it to be relaxing, fun and it came out great!


Mod podge

Fake pumpkin (I purchased mine at Michaels but I bet you can find them at a Dollar Store)

An old book (we have a section at the library with free books)

Foam brush


Step 1: Decide if you want to layer the book pages in an organized fashion or tear the pages

Step 2: Using the foam brush put a layer of mod podge onto the pumpkin

Step 3: Place your book page down in an organized fashion or overlap torn pieces

Step 4: Put a layer of mod podge over the pages (I found it easier to use my fingers for this step)

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 until the pumpkin is covered, it’s that simple!

Now you have an amazing book page pumpkin that will look perfect on a bookshelf, desk or mantle!



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