Storytime: Bedtime


“Llama Llama Red Pajama” by Anna Dewdney
“The Napping House” by Audrey Wood
“Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready for Bed?” by Barney Saltzberg

Here is a Baby

Here is a baby, ready for a nap
(hold up pointer finger)
Lay her down in her mother’s lap
(place finger in palm of other hand)
Cover her up so she won’t peek
(curl hand around pointer finger)
Rock her till she’s fast asleep
(rock hand side to side)

Five in the Bed

There were five in the bed and the little one said
“Roll over, roll over” (roll arms)
So they all rolled over and one fell out

(count down)

There was one in the bed and the little one said
“I’ve got it allll to myself, good night!”

Dance to Bed, You Sleepy Head by Shana Banana

How it Went: The first two books are books that parents and children already love, the last one (Cornelius P. Mud) was new to everyone and they really enjoyed it. Kids loved yelling YES and parents thought it was funny when Cornelius yells NO. I try to introduce new books in storytime but I do love reading ones children are already familiar with. During Llama Llama I had several parents read aloud with me! Today is the first time I used rainbow dancing ribbons and it was so much fun. When I first passed them out we practiced wiggle them high, low, side to side and fast. Next I played Dance to Bed, You Sleepy Head and children jumped, danced and spun with their ribbons.

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